A&M is now completely paperless thanks to Postworks

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Alvarez & Marsal’s 35 years in the business has made them the “go to” consulting firm for many of the FTSE and Fortune 100 companies.


Their reputation for being pragmatic is well deserved and they are known for being fact-driven and action-oriented. So when it came to finding a solution for sending their circulars more efficiently, it was important that they got the choice right.

“3 people spent hours stuffing envelopes by hand” – Greg Clough, Head of IT for Insolvency & Regional Restructuring at Alvarez & Marsal

Paper chains and paper cuts


“We heard about Postworks from another Insolvency Practitioner on a day when three of our staff spent hours sending a statutory circular, with a report and multiple attachments to 160 creditors, by hand.


On the day of his return [from holiday] the Partner agreed to a Postworks trial on [the company’s] next circular, 130 creditors with 3 attachments,” explains Greg.


Cutting out the paperwork but not the paper trail


Greg tells us how they tried out Postworks for the first time.


“We signed up for the free account, found our way around, added money, uploaded the letter, added the attachments (a doddle!) clicked ‘Looks great’, and nothing happened.


But it had all happened…!


• 3 rejected for incomplete addresses (but we know which ones)
• 127 in the Post Tray – and on their way


We then exported an Excel list of the 127, with the creditor name and postcode plus date posted and exact price. And then the three that hadn’t gone.


Finally, we downloaded a representative sample pdf copy of the letter and attachments as printed.”


Cutting down on time


“The whole process took one person about 40 minutes – including the sign up — the actual process of uploading and sending the letters took about four minutes. The first creditor made contact at 10:55 the next morning,” explains Greg.

“The whole process is intuitive, beyond simple, swift, and costs less than the stamp. There is nothing not to like.” – Head of IT for Insolvency & Regional Restructuring – Alvarez & Marsal

Alvarez & Marsal use PostboxCloud™ to upload all of their letters and attachments in just a few clicks.


And the best thing? The system is fully scalable. The next job had 25,000 creditors – but for the first time, there was no need to outsource a specialist printer, courier documents or approve proofs.


James Booker, CEO of Postworks says:

“Alvarez & Marsal had a paperless office, with the exception of post, before we partnered with them. That’s testament to how they push the boundaries of technology as a business. As a software company, I’m thrilled that we were able to be the final check in the box to support the move to completely paperless.


Alvarez & Marsal’s recent circular to almost 25,000 creditors was turned around in 24 hours of receiving the data. We are really proud of that turnaround time.”

Now Alvarez & Marsal’s offices are able to be completely paperless from start to end, Greg’s team are freed up to do what they do best. And best of all? No complicated systems, no complex solution – it’s simple, fast and easy.


If you’re like Greg and want to post the easy way (whether it is 2 or 20,000 letters), get in touch with us at [email protected] or call us on 0370 334 1516 to arrange a 15 minute online walk-through at your convenience.

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