Estate agents says goodbye to stamps

It’s often said that there isn’t enough hours in the day.


Sandra completes the accounts for Belvoir Nuneaton and Hinckley, and she was certainly feeling that way.


So much of Sandra’s day used to be taken up sending out rental remittance statements to landlords all over Nuneaton and Hinckley single-handedly. Although the majority of these are emailed, they still had a number of landlords who insisted on having a hard copy. Not only is the posting process unnecessarily time consuming, it is expensive and a faff.


Complicated and costly to use stamps


Sending post used to be a pain. Sandra would spend her day printing, folding and inserting the remittances herself, only to find that she had run out of stamps! All in all, the process would take around a minute per letter and those minutes quickly added up. With the cost of post rising and the business growing, sending these letters was becoming too time consuming to carry on.


Time wasn’t the only thing that was being wasted. The cost of sending letters was increasing all the time. Sandra was sending around 90 letters per month and spending around £55 on stamps alone. There was then the cost of the paper, the windowed envelopes and the printing costs; not to mention Sandra’s valuable time, all to send a 1 page letter.


With the cost of a 2nd class stamp rising again enough was enough and she began searching online for a better solution.


That was when she found Postworks.


Saying goodbye to stamps

“It’s a doddle to get on with and use”

Now Sandra spends her time doing the things which help the business grow. No more printing, no more inserting paperwork into envelopes and no more stamp sticking. Instead, she drags and drops her rental remittance statements online and they are sent securely to Postworks HQ for printing and posting – that simple, that easy. Now it takes Sandra just a few short minutes.


Postworks is now doing all the hard work and Sandra can spend her time focusing on more important tasks.


“Great service from start of initial engagement, through to final installation – still really happy with the service”


The whole process of sending post is revamped and streamlined. Sending post has been made easy. Sandra’s time is now used more efficiently as well as saving the money. The simplicity of using Postworks has saved her so much time as well as delivering the cost savings she was hoping for – and more!  


“I would absolutely recommend using Postworks!” – Sandra Quinn-Smith, ATB Accounting Training


If you’re in a similar situation to Sandra, Postworks can help with flexible posting solutions with no contract. To find out more, contact us or find our more about how it works for stamp users.

To find out more about how Belvoir supports their local landlords visit their website.


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