Insurance company saves hours each week

BeMoto are a predominantly digital company who are always looking for ways to be more efficient, especially when sending their insurance letters.

“It was easy to trial at no cost or risk. The support team are really responsive.” – Mat Long, Director at BeMoto Insurance


Mat is one of the directors of insurance broker BeMoto, a specialist insurance broker working with keen motorcyclists, just like Mat himself.

They only send post when required and this means that their postal volumes are too small to warrant a franking machine. Instead they were relying on stamps and trips to the post box.


Too much time stuffing envelopes

Mat and his team were spending too much time stuffing envelopes, handwriting addresses and buying stamps.

By hand posting their letters, they were also left with no way of auditing whether or not a letter had been sent unless they managed to make it to their local post office. That was only open for 4 hours a day, 3 days a week. Not ideal when some of their communication is time sensitive.


The risk of delays caused by the lack of stamps, a printer with no ink and a forgotten trip to the post box was too great and Mat had had enough. He started searching for a solution. After searching online, he came across Postworks. Impressed with the clever and unique way of dealing with post, he gave Postworks a go.


A solution that just works

Mat’s main concerns were the cost implication of outsourcing his mailing. This wasn’t a problem for Mat as he easily found the costs comparative. The benefits didn’t stop there, Postworks was more secure and the risk of double insertion eliminated. The bank level encryption and zero personal data breach record was all Mat needed to seal the deal.


“I think it’s really good. It’s simple.” – Mat Long,  Director at BeMoto Insurance


From the word go everything was easy and risk free. It was quick and easy to sign up and trial with cost or risk.

A huge selling point for Mat was the fact there was no 12 month contract, they could pass as they go.

The Postworks team were responsive, helpful, and friendly and once the test item arrived, there was no going back for Mat. The letters arrived on a high quality paper with a good print. The quality of the letter was second to none.


Getting the team onboard

“Postworks takes all the hassle out of it for us. Everyone is very happy, it’s nice and easy.Mat Long – Director, BeMoto Insurance

The simplicity of Postworks really appealed to Mat and his team. They have live tracking and proof that letters have been sent, with Postworks secure online archive, and the team are thrilled that there are no more envelopes to hand write.


Using Postworks has helped BeMoto to become more streamlined, efficient and reliable.


If you, like Mat, are looking for a hassle free alternative to stamps and franking machines, get in touch with us at [email protected] or call us on 0370 334 1516.


Mat’s advice to you is: 

“Definitely give it a go, you’ll be pleased with the service and how easy it is.” 




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