Ladybird Lawncare finds the grass is greener with Postworks

Ladybird Lawncare

What Tim at Ladybird Lawncare does best, is lawns. But when sending his invoices, reminder and appointment letters started taking away time from caring for his clients lawns, Tim knew it was time to weed out the problem. 


“The time it took to send letters using our old franking machine was the biggest pain point, it was my least favourite job and I kept putting it off”. Tim Woolnough – Owner, Ladybird Lawncare


No time to smell the daisies


Ladybird Lawncare are a Norfolk based company who specialise in nurturing and tending to lawns to the Royal Horticultural Societies standards. Their specialist knowledge and experiences helps them to make every lawn full, green and lush. It’s no surprise really that Tim and the team have nearly 2,000 customers on their books for regular lawn treatments.


With such a large customer base, Tim knows that regular communication is crucial to the smooth running of the business, ensuring all customers receive the reminders, appointments and invoices at the correct time can be a mine-field. At the best of times, Tim would spend hours in front of the franking machine slowly feeding letter after letter through. 


That was until Covid-19 hit. With the pandemic in full throw, the country was locked down in order to stem the spread of the deadly virus. Tim knew he had to communicate quickly with all of his customers but facing both the financial and time cost of this filled Tim with dread. He began to search for a solution. 


Rooting around for a solution 


Tim began his search on Google looking for a cheaper alternative to franking. After coming across a competitors page, Tim was instantly put off by the need to download software before being able to post anything. 


Tim began to look again and this time, he found Postworks. 


Expecting to have to download software, Tim was pleasantly surprised to find that there were no downloads, contracts or complicated requirements needed to use Postworks. He just needed a computer and an internet connection. 


Grass is greener with Postworks


“I’m now able to do things more quickly, I can get my batches done daily and no longer feel the need to put them off. Even better, it’s cheaper than a franking machine and it’s less hassle.” Tim Woolnough – Owner, Ladybird Lawncare


Tim is now able to go on daily and send his letters without spending hours in front of the franking machine. Using Postworks means that Tim’s letters take 5 minutes instead of 55 minutes to send and gives Tim the flexibility to communicate with his customers quicker. 


Not only that, Postworks pulls out any items that wouldn’t reach their destination and gives Tim the opportunity to check the addresses and do everything possible to make sure the letter reaches its recipient. 

Even better, Tim is saving money. It is cheaper to send your letters through Postworks than it is to use your franking machine, even if you are still in contract. 


Tim is now saving time and money with the most convenient way to send post – hassle free. Whether he needs to send out 2 letters or 2,000 letters, Tim is able to do so in just a few minutes giving him his time back to concentrate on what he does best. 


“Give it a go. If you like to send post to your customers, using Postworks is cheaper and easier than your other options.”  Tim Woolnough – Owner, Ladybird Lawncare


If you are a business owner, like Tim, and want to spend your time doing anything other than sending letters, click here to arrange a 10 minute demo. 

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