Local Council set up in 24 hours

Have you ever had to spend a large chunk of your day on a task that whilst necessary, was a waste of your valuable time? This was the reality that faced Catherine at Welwyn Hatfield Council on a daily basis. 

Losing a day stuffing envelopes in the office


Catherine and her team work in the Planning Department at a local council. They have a legal requirement for sending letters to notify the neighbours of any planning applications that come in and face penalties if they don’t. 


If everything goes smoothly, sending all of these letters takes a minimum of an hour every day. But things don’t always run smoothly. 


The team printed all of these letters on the office printer. The printer was under a huge amount of strain and regularly required the engineers to come and fix the latest problem. If the team were lucky, they were able to use an enveloping machine – but even that often went wrong. 


Then it happened. Coronavirus.


COVID-19 changing the day


For many, the pandemic that swept the world meant that it couldn’t be business as usual. Catherine feared the same for her team as they scattered into their homes, working remotely. 


Catherine had to find a solution – and fast! 


She was pointed in the direction of another Hybrid Mail company but logging onto their website, she could see that it was complicated and not easy to use. She took it upon herself to find an easy answer to all of her paper and printing problems. 


She found Postworks.


“We were up and running within 24 hours.” Catherine Gooding-Williams – Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council


Catherine couldn’t believe how easy Postworks was to use. 


The council was fully up and running within 24 hours of signing up to Postworks but was able to send their first letter within 2 minutes of registering, no software install needed.


The team were thrilled with how easy it was to use. No longer are they having to spend hours stuffing envelopes and days waiting for the engineer to come out and fix the dodgy printer – just drag and drop. 


In a matter of minutes, all the post is done for the day. 


Winning the day back – the easy way


Catherine and her team have managed to win back their day (within a day!) and work more efficiently than they ever have before. 


“The support is really good, they respond really quickly” Catherine Gooding-Williams – Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council


It’s often said that no one likes change, but that is not the case for the Planning Team at Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council! The team have been asking Catherine if they can continue to use Postworks after they all return to the office – (looks like you’re out of a job Mr Printer!) They have definitely found a lasting solution. 


Catherine found even more benefits to moving over to the fastest way to send post. Postworks provides easy to use reporting and is able to generate a report to show her exactly what has been posted, she is also able to use Postworks as proof of postage – should she ever need it. 


“Give it a try, once you have tried it you will see that it just works! They even give you £5 to try it out so there is absolutely no risk in giving it a go.” Catherine Gooding-Williams – Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council


If you also want to win back your working day the easy way like Catherine and her team get in touch with us at [email protected] or call us on 0370 334 1516.

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