Pipe business sends monthly invoices in 15 minutes

G.W. Axup used to spend hours a month on post. Now Postworks does it all for them in 15 minutes.


I don’t like doing things unnecessarily and I don’t like being bored.” – Tom Axup, Operations Manager at G.W. Axup, a pipe distribution company


When Tom came back up north to join the family business, his first priority was to get a few things running a little smarter. And spending hours folding, stamping and trekking to the post office didn’t seem all that efficient.


Tom started searching online for a post outsourcing service that could get the job done. He wasn’t exactly sure what to he was looking for, but when he found Postworks he knew he had the answer.


Post is boring, time is precious


No one loves printing hundreds of invoices, folding them into thirds, stuffing them into envelopes and manually stamping the lot. No one loves wasting time, either. But getting paid is necessary; so sending invoices and statements is necessary.


As the Operations Manager of a distribution business like G.W. Axup, Tom wanted to spend his time on good and beautiful things like growing, learning the business and connecting with customers. That’s what he left his city finance job to do. He never intended to lurk by the printer nursing paper-cuts, glaring at a long-ago broken franking machine.


Postworks gets rid of the boring bits


Now that Postworks is part of the picture, Tom only spends 15 minutes a month on post. There’s not even a printer in sight: all he has to do is upload his invoices and statements into his digital Postbox on his browser. These could be invoices, statements, just about anything.


Tom loves that his Postboxes live in the cloud, so he can reach it from any PC in the office or from home.Once Tom’s files are in their Postbox, they’re automatically sent to Postworks HQ to be printed, enveloped and posted out. The price of the whole letter posted is cheaper than the cost of a stamp on its own.


Postworks also notifies Tom if an invoice isn’t delivered so he can contact customers and keep on top of payments.


Tom’s Postbox is set up so that every file dropped into it is printed and sent the way he wants them to. He can even track each letter online and find out when it’s expected to arrive where it’s supposed to be.


“Using Postworks was a no-brainer. They care about every customer and cater for a company our size.” – thanks, Tom


The Postworks solution is a simple one, but it’s not one-size-fits-all. Each one of our clients has different needs, whether that’s 1 letter a month or 1000 invoices a week. We spend a lot of time making sure we understand those unique needs.


When we whisk those boring tasks off your plate, we do it in a way that’s personalised, sustainable and just makes plain old sense. To find out more, just send an e-mail to [email protected] or read more about how it works.

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