With Postworks it was “Yes, Yes and Yes!”

Case Study of from Green Party - Postworks

The Green Party of England and Wales felt left out in the cold when it came to the best deals and quickest turn around – that is, until they found Postworks. 

“We tried other providers but they wanted minimum volumes to access lower per-unit prices. We have to work within strict spending limits and this would have broken our budget” Guy Poultney – Green Party of England and Wales

Have you ever tried to use an online service and felt let down and left out of the offers available to the “bigger client”? This was the reality that faced Guy Poultney at the Green Party of England and Wales.


The Green Party is a political party who aim to create a fairer and more equitable society by getting councillors and MPs elected to deliver socially just and environmentally sustainable policies. 


Guy and his team were looking to arrange a targeted direct mail campaign to deliver leaflets to potential voters in the 2019 General Election. He wanted to deliver key campaign messages to potential voters. It was only going to be a one-off but he needed 60,000 letters sending as quickly as possible. 


When searching for a solution, Guy came across another Hybrid Mail provider the organisation had used before. Guy contacted them with high hopes of getting his letters sent out quickly and at a low cost. He soon found that he didn’t meet the” minimum volume threshold” to access the discount. What’s more, they needed 3-4 days to fulfill this delivery, which was too long a wait. 


The answers were “No, No and No”


Guy needed to get these letters out, and fast! 


Guy searched again, and this time, he found Postworks. 


Nothing was too hard for Postworks


When Guy came across Postworks’ website, he found the website to be simpler and sleeker. 


When looking at the pricing structure, he found that it worked for his budget.


On getting in touch with Postworks, Guy was overjoyed to discover that Postworks were able to get his letters out the same day. 


With Postworks it was “Yes, Yes and Yes!”


“The flexibility of the service is unmatched. The Postworks team went above and beyond!” – Guy Poultney – Green Party of England and Wales


The Postworks support team were attentive and hands on and did everything they could to make sure Guy’s delivery got out on time.


“Postworks was the best value I found, by far, and their customer service was excellent.” – Guy Poultney – Green Party of England and Wales


Postworks competitive pricing and flexibility were a welcome relief from other postage methods. The Postworks system was easy to use and understand and the helpful support team was on hand through the whole process. 


Guy’s team were impressed with the quick turnaround and the quality of the letters that were sent out, despite the short notice.


They would not have been able to deliver their message and get these letters out without Postworks. 


Guy and his team were very happy with the experience. They got their message out quickly and within budget. What’s more, each step of the way, the Postworks team were on hand to support.

Next time, the first stop will be Postworks. 


“I can’t recommend them highly enough. The system is easy to understand and use. The support team is very helpful and will provide you with the support you need to get your letters out.” Guy Poultney – Green Party of England and Wales


If you, like Guy, are fed up with minimum volumes, high prices and long turnaround times. Get in touch with us at [email protected] or call us on 0370 334 1516 and find out how we can fix all of your posting woes the same day. 

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