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Join the rebels and laugh in the face of franking machines and papercuts.

How do you send post?

I use stamps

Bin it

We've got a franking machine

Digitise it

Our company has a mailroom

Automate it

Online postage explained

Send post from your PC

Whether you’re sending the occasional letter or post a thousand at a time, using Postworks is as easy as ‘drag and drop’. Create a free account in minutes and start posting right away.

  • Minimum volume? Just a single letter.
  • No contracts. Pay for what you post.
  • We print it. Royal Mail deliver it.

Send post online

How it works

All the benefit of sending real letters, without the danger of papercuts.


You drag and drop

On to our secure online portal. Anytime, from anywhere.


We add SMARTs

Your letter becomes trackable,
so you know its taken care of.


We print it

Crisp, clean, PixelPerfect™
print on bright white paper.


We envelope it

Using high speed automation, into a windowed envelope.


Royal Mail deliver it

1st or 2nd Class, your letter is delivered by the local postie.

Save time and money

What are people saying about Postworks?

Businesses big and small across the UK, are changing the way they send post. See for yourself.

Bluebird Care
Gareth, Director at Bluebird Care

"It’s already optimised to suit Bluebird systems. I’d never go back to printing and stuffing envelopes again that’s for certain. It’s working so well for us…anything that runs without me having to be involved is such a win for me as a Bluebird director"

Malcolm Johnston, Growth Hubs Manager

"It’s clear that business systems and processes are part of Postworks' life-blood and the firm is constantly innovating.
Postworks is an incredibly switched on business."

Sam Metcalf, Chief Editor

"Postworks identified an opportunity to improve upon and disrupt the traditional franking model, using technology to deliver mailing services to the SME sector. Over the next five years Postworks will open eight print centres to reduce the transport of physical mail items."

Communications Director

"Everything is just easy, unlike with other suppliers. You take away even the smallest tasks and just provide to us what we need as a business. There’s no language that’s too technical and you don’t bombard us with info."

office2office PLC
Simon Moate, Former CEO

"Where Postworks unique software platform comes into play, is that it will speed up the process for SMEs, reduce cost, drive efficiency and it will start playing a pretty big part in disrupting the postal industry."

Goodwill Solutions
Stephen MacFarlaine, SME Development Manager

"I wanted to mail out small quantities of information but thought that having it done professionally would be cost prohibitive. Little did I realise that the cost with Postworks would be less than the price of a stamp!"

British Business Bank
Grant Peggie, Director

"This MEIF investment in Postworks is further evidence that the Midlands is a growing digital technology cluster.”

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