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remotely and digitally

Your inbound post, opened, scanned and available securely online.

Why use Postworks Receive?

No more mail handling, trips to the office or papercuts

Inbound post scanned into your secure online HUB

Letters become searchable (OCR) "Smart Documents"

Mail forwarding for business

Receive post to your PC

Whatever secure, confidential or business post you are receiving, Postworks Receive will open scan and upload straight to your PC.

  • No minimum volume, 90 day rolling agreement
  • Read your post. Whether you're at home or in the office
  • View your post online or integrate with your chosen software

Receive post online

How it works

All the benefit of receiving real letters, without the boring bits


Redirect your post

Get a dedicated PO Box number - just for you


High quality scans

300dpi scans, legally admissable, read your post perfectly


Safe and secure

Bank level , end to end encryption. GDPR compliance.


Zero touch, no risk

No physical contact or trips to the office needed.

Save time and money

What are people saying about Postworks?

Businesses big and small across the UK, are changing the way they send and receive post. See for yourself.


“It works brilliantly, we have managed to get all our post out during the lockdown without going into the office once.”

Compliance Manager

“It’s amazing to have a remote system to send our post, no matter where we are we can always get our letters sent.”

Hudson Weir

“Postworks team are really quick to help/support when needed, and the service is easy to use. Thanks!”

Russell Deen - National Compliance Manager

“Although our implementation of Postworks was accelerated by the office lockdown I can see it being a benefit even upon return to the office... That, coupled with the ever increasing integration with IPS, Postworks just seems to make sense.”

Sandra Quinn-Smith

“Great service from start of initial engagement, through to final installation – still really happy with the service. I would absolutely recommend using Postworks!”

BeMoto Insurance
Mat Long, Director

"Postworks takes all the hassle out of it for us. Everyone is very happy, it’s nice and easy. I think it’s really good. It’s simple."

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council
Catherine Gooding-Williams

"The support is really good, they respond really quickly. We were up and running within 24 hours."

Burlington Primary Care
Mark Hatcher – IT Manager

"A couple of clicks and we can send a huge number of merged letters. A simple way of sending your post anywhere you have a computer and internet."

Wilson Field
Kat Richardson-Green, Head Of Strategy & Business Analyst

"Staff productivity is game changing! Insolvency procedures can be rather paper demanding but it doesn’t need to be. We have proof of postage, a 75% reduction in post going out the door and a 37% reduction in print costs."

Alvarez & Marsal
Greg Clough - Associate Director, Alvarez & Marsal

"The actual process of uploading and sending the letters took about four minutes. The first creditor made contact at 10:55 the next morning. The system is scalable so where our next job has 20,000 creditors we don’t need to outsource to a specialist printer, courier documents or approve proofs. The whole process is intuitive, beyond simple, swift, and costs less than the stamp. There is nothing not to like.”

Bluebird Care
Gareth, Director at Bluebird Care

"It’s already optimised to suit Bluebird systems. It’s working so well for us…anything that runs without me having to be involved is such a win for me as a Bluebird director"

Sussex Cleaning and Care
Nick, Director

"We're not tied down to a long term lease, printing, and buying stamps. I always think that if something isn't broken don't fix it, but I am so glad I made this change. Every time I use Postworks I think about not having to stuff envelopes."

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