3 franking machine alternatives

One in five UK businesses say that real post is core to their operation* and the UK alone is still sending over 12 billion items of post every year. 

We all know we should email because it’s “free”.

We also know we shouldn’t print unnecessarily (every office has a you-know-who, giving you a disapproving look when you print an email out). So why do we do it? Why aren’t we paperless offices by now?

Simply, some things just look better and read easier when they’re printed and SMEs frequently tell us that invoices get paid faster or their customers feel more valued when they send their communication by post.

We process some types of communication better when it’s in printed format. That’s just the way it is and that’s why 90% of people in the UK say they can’t live without a letterbox**. 

Let’s take a look at the alternatives.

1. Stamps

“Aren’t they lots more expensive for post?!” Yes, they are. But have you run the numbers on your franking machine lately? Most businesses we speak to, don’t get a return on their investment.

If you’re not sending much post, stamps are much cheaper than a franking machine lease. If you’re sending less than 200 letters per month, stamps may be a more cost effective solution than a franking machine lease. 

2. Email

Email. It’s not a viable option for everyone and your data needs to be up to date (let’s write ‘GDPR’ here, just because it wouldn’t be an article without it!)

Email is a good method for sending general updates and information to your customers.

3. Online franking

It’s the best of both worlds. Just upload your letters using a simple PC app and your letter will be securely printed and posted. Low postage costs but no franking machine and no contracts. Online franking is the new posting trend. Click here, to find out more.

Sources: *OFCOM Postal Uses Report, **Direct Marketing Association

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