How to write a sales letter that someone will read

Some simple mistakes to avoid when crafting a sales letter to send to your prospects

According to, 73% of people prefer post to other methods of communication. What’s more, companies like Next are seeing an increase in sales since reintroducing direct mail into its marketing mix.

So let’s talk small business. How do SMEs in the UK ensure they are capturing audience attention? Here’s a quick fire round of frequent mistakes that we see with small business marketing. Make sure these mishaps aren’t on your list.

1.  Bad data

We know you’ve read this before but this doesn’t just apply to purchased data lists. Often, businesses haven’t checked their own data before they send out a mailing (small wonder returned post can hit peaks of 10%).

Run your addresses against Royal Mail’s postcode address finder and save yourself unnecessary postage.

2.  Awesome, extraordinary, crazy

Sound too good to be true? Your customers might think the same thing if you overuse buzz words.

Make your copy compelling but don’t go overboard otherwise your message gets lost in the “buzz”.

3.  Something strange has come through your door, who you gonna call?

It’s continually surprising the number of mail pieces that go out without a clear way for customers to respond to it (call to action or CTA as it’s sometimes called).

Make sure it’s easy for people to access your offer or products via phone, website or in person. If it’s too hard, they just won’t bother.

4.  White space?

Not talked about often but one of the most important things with any reading material. White space (or negative space) refers to the areas on the page that are, yep you guessed it, white.

These are really important because they help readability and it creates the feeling of sophistication.

5.  Bad design

Following closely to number 4, this is the single biggest mistake. Leaflets made using Wordart, brochures made using Microsoft Word and, not to mention, big bold terrible fonts.

Check out the example below, do you even know where to look first? If you can’t see a key message at a quick glance, it’s time to head back to the drawing board.

No matter how savvy you think you are, designers know how to design for print. Hire a freelancer (websites like Upwork make great design affordable these days). Keep your message short and remember, more info doesn’t equal more sales.

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