Postworks introduces a completely paperless solution for office post.

  • New product enables companies to become fully paperless
  • Postworks Receive™ turns scanned letters into smart digital documents

Online post specialist, Postworks, has introduced a new service alongside their digital outbound post solution which revolutionises the online mailroom service.

Postworks Receive™, scanning and digitising inbound mail, provides a fully paperless solution accessible to all businesses regardless of their size. 

“We are always looking for ways that we can make post easier. Postworks Receive™, was requested by our customers and the lockdown catapulted us into action to deliver a solution for them.” explained CEO, James Booker.

“While companies work out what the ‘office’ looks like moving forward, we can take away the requirement for them to handle post, whatever they decide in the future.”

James Booker, CEO

In these challenging times, someone has to visit the office to collect and distribute post.

But with localised lockdowns looming and people working from home, there can be a huge delay getting the right correspondence to the right person causing businesses additional headaches.   

The Postworks Receive™ service opens and scans business post the same day it’s received and makes it available on the PostworksHUB online.

Letters can be assigned to an individual or a group of users similar to a traditional office environment.

Essentially, Postworks are taking the posted page full circle, returning the piece of paper back to an electronic smart document.

Using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, Postworks are taking the printed page and are turning scanned paper documents into editable and searchable data.

With an integration with Virtual Cabinet, the popular document management software, soon to be released, the product promises to be a game changer in the digitalisation of the office. 

“Traditionally, inbound post solutions have not been available or accessible to the “everyday business” because the cost of the service rockets into the thousands and contracts are lengthy.” said the company’s spokesperson.

Company spokesperson.

“We have kept our vision at the forefront, ‘to make post easy’, and Postworks Receive™ is no different. Every business that has had a demo of the solution has been very excited at how easy it is,”

Marvee-Lisa Booker, Commercial Director

Founded in 2016 by James and Marvee-Lisa Booker, Postworks began trading in 2017 with their mission to ‘be a pleasure to do business with’. Postworks describes itself as an online franking company that provides SMEs with a software-based alternative to franked business post.

For more information please speak to Nicola Dingle on 0370 334 1516 or email [email protected]

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