Homeless charity saves thousands sending newsletters

Working for a charity always comes with its challenges. Relying on volunteers to help send her communications was just one of the challenges facing Tanya at the Northampton Hope Centre. After another shortage of volunteers, Tanya had to find a better way.


Northampton Hope Centre is a charity doing valuable work supporting some of the most vulnerable members of the community. From feeding people who are hungry to providing employment workshops, the Hope Centre works hard to make sure that they are helping people who need it most. 


Tanya, the community fundraiser, knows how important it is to communicate well with those who support the charity but when this admin task fell to volunteers, Tanya found that month after month, she didn’t have sufficient volunteers to complete the task.


Out of time and out of pocket 

Tanya was spending hours getting newsletters sent and when she ran out of resources, was supplementing supplies from her own pocket. This stress-inducing process needed to change, so she searched for another solution.


“Send letters with just a few clicks? So convenient! Everyone is happy with Postworks. They love the ease and convenience of it.”– Tanya Haji-Miller (Northampton Hope Centre)


Upon finding Postworks, Tanya got in touch immediately. A Postworks team member came out to visit the Hope Centre and gave an on-site demonstration and training. All concerns were eased with the friendly support and from that moment on, there was no looking back.


Sending newsletters with a few clicks

The benefits of switching to Postworks just kept coming. Postworks was easy and friendly to work with, they were flexible and were supportive at every step of the journey. Postworks fit in with the needs of the Hope Centre, Tanya just had to upload her items and then rest assured that Postworks got the letters sent out with no hassle or stress.


“Really easy way to send lots of letters. It’s that simple.” – Tanya Haji-Miller (Northampton Hope Centre)


Goodbye to buying books of stamps!

Not only was Postworks saving Tanya time, it was also saving her money. Gone were the days of Tanya spending a fortune on stamps, envelopes, paper and ink. Postworks was cost-effective and very competitively priced.


Change can be nerve-wracking but after starting with Postworks Tanya has found that she no longer needs to worry about getting those newsletters out on time, she can rely on Postworks. Now Tanya has time to focus on the more important things, helping those who need it most.


“Pick up the phone and give Postworks a call” – Tanya Haji-Miller (Northampton Hope Centre)


If you’re like Tanya and want to save time, money and stress then get in touch with us at [email protected] or call us on 0370 334 1516.


If you’d like to contribute to the valuable work they do, please visit their website www.northamptonhopecentre.org.uk.

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