How much does a franking machine cost?

How much does a franking machine cost?

​The cost to lease a franking machine can range from £200 – £3000 per year and will vary based on the number of letters you’re sending.

Franking machines also have standard running costs like:

  • Consumables
  • Service or maintenance contracts
  • A top up fee (some companies a charge each time you want to prepay for your post)

Before you buy a buy one, its worth reviewing the often hidden costs of franking machines so you can decide if its right for your business.

With franking machine companies like Pitney Bowes and Neopost urging customers towards 5-6 year franking machine contracts, savvy small business owners are shopping around for the best deal because they don’t want to be tied down.

When choosing a franking machine it can often help to run a cost exercise to make sure there is a business case for owning one. In a lot of cases you need to be posting over 800 letters per month before it begins paying for itself.

If you’re posting things like:

  • General correspondence letters
  • Invoices, statements, credit notes etc.
  • Reminder letters

take a look at the franking machine alternatives out there or even see what online franking can do for you.

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