Print & Mail Documents at Month End

Every business has it, and it comes round far too quickly! The end of the month is here again and it is just round the corner.

A normal month end in most offices consists of days that are too short and tempers that are even shorter. It sometimes feels like the month end lasts the entire month.

Just when you think you’ve got it all done, it’s time to start again. 

Frantically, to-ing and fro-ing trying to get everything in order, all those letters and bills sent out in time to close the books for this month, printing and mailing documents left, right and centre.  

There you are, finally getting there, desperately trying to get the last lot of invoices printed and sent out. 

Your feeling on top of the world – you might be home on time tonight, your feet up with a glass of something chilled…

… and the printer jams.

Dreams of getting home on time are gone and now you’re wondering what time you’ll see you bed tonight. 

For many businesses this month’s end is going to be different from the rest. 

Workforces are confined to their homes, and with all of the added challenges that are being heaped onto businesses right now, month end certainly hasn’t got any easier. 

If you’re worrying about having to go into the office to stuff envelopes so you can send you invoices, reports or any other documentation… then worry no more.

Don’t fret – there is a much better way (and you never need to worry about printer jams again!)

Online Franking with Postworks can save you time, money and effort – lockdown or not! 

  1. Don’t feed Frank
  2. Run out of Ink!
  3. Stay home!
  4. Look after the pennies
  5. Make the work flow
  6. Work as a team
  7. Take seconds not hours

1) Don’t Feed Frank

Stuffing envelopes and pushing them through the old Franking machine is a waste of your precious time.

Yes the letters have got to be sent but do you really need all those papercuts? 

By uploading your letters to Postworks, you’re cutting out more than just that tedious process. 

Franking machines are huge investments. They are costly in time, money and office space. 

As well as being a bulky machine, they come with a bulky price-tag and a bulky contract length. 

Postworks is quick and easy to use. There is no lengthy contract and no hiring fee. 

You don’t need any special equipment, just a computer and an internet connection.

2) Run out of ink!

Writing with pen and ink onto a notepad.

Don’t you just hate it when you’re 2 days into Month End and then there is a printer jam.

Or you go to print that last important invoice run and there is no ink!

Because Postworks takes care of everything, there is no need to stock up on those (now) non-essentials.

Buying paper, envelopes, stamps and printer ink is a thing of the past.

Really! All you need is a computer and an internet connection. 

3) Stay Home!

No need to leave the safety and comfort of your house.

Postworks is an online service that allows online document printing and posting from wherever you have a computer and an internet connection. 

We believe in simplicity. 

Postworks is so simple to use that you can upload hundreds of letters quickly and easily (even with screaming toddlers and small children asking for a snack 632 times before 9:15am). 

4) Look after the pennies

Things today really do seem to cost the earth – and posting letters is no different! 

Pound sterling in coins and notes

What with the cost of stamps, paper, ink and envelopes or even the high price for the use of a franking machine, no wonder so many companies are now looking for better alternatives. 

Using Postworks to send your letters in the cheapest way to post – no matter how you currently send mail.

5) Make the work flow

Postworks are constantly trying to find ways to make sending post easier and quicker for you. 

Our favourite way is using our Workflows. 

By using Postworks you have control over each Postbox (and you can have as many as you like). 

You can set your Postbox to make sure that any letter sent always attaches your terms and conditions or adds a letterhead or puts a big red overdue stamp or… you get the idea. 

It’s how we can make sure you can print and mail your documents as quickly as possible – no room for any faff here!

6) Work as a team

Many of our customers are “one man bands” who successfully juggle their entire business themselves. 

Many others are huge organisations with many teams working across many offices. 

These larger organisations will have multiple users all sending their post at the same time. 

For them, we created TeamBoxes. 

These are boxes that are created and managed by the account manager but access is given to all team members who need it. 

Using teamboxes allows for greater collaboration, flexibility and accountability. 

It also ends the old bottle neck that used to happen when poor old Sally had 3,000 letters to stuff into envelopes, frank and drop off at the post office. 

Now each team can be responsible for sending their own letters, quicker that it would take Sally to do just one of those letters. 

7) Take seconds not hours

Clock showing 12:20pm or 00:20am

You may have picked up (just a little) how much time using Postworks can save you and your company (just a lot!). 

We know how precious your time is and want to save as much of it as possible. 

No longer do you have to pull people from other teams just to get letters into envelopes. 

Now you can send hundreds of invoices in minutes (under 3 minutes – but who’s counting?) 

What do I do now?

We’re so glad you asked! 

Getting started with Postworks is as easy as making the cup of tea you’ll now have time to drink. 

Woman working from home

We have a friendly team who know how precious your time is and they are on hand to give you a 10 minute walkthrough at your convenience. 

You are able to get fully on-boarded with Postworks in less than 24 hours. 

Postworks Starter plan is free to use and we’ll even give you £5 free credit to help you give the system a thorough test run. 

There is no tie in and no fuss – you pay for what you post. 

Give the team a call on 0370 334 1516 to see how we can help you save time and win back your weekend. 

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